Founded in 1995, the Western Cape Business Opportunities’ Forum (WECBOF) is a member-based organisation.  It was formed with the aim of empowering Black business in the Western Cape with relevant information, training and a networking platform to start, and grow, their businesses.

WECBOF is a voice and a resourceful network for entrepreneurs, corporates, and government to collaborate in an effort to build a stronger and more prosperous Western Cape economy.  In 2013, the WECBOF board decided to re-focus and re-design the structure of the business to ensure that it remains relevant, innovative, and progressive.

Currently, with so many organisations similar to WECBOF in the market, it makes sense to collaborate rather than work in isolation to serve a broader business community.

The premise of WECBOF’s new Organisational-Operational Structure 2013 – 2020 is one of lateral interaction, i.e. working collaboratively with other organisations to achieve a common objective. A modern approach to management and strategic approach and implementation has been adopted by WECBOF which is visionary, resourceful, and inclusive of all stakeholders for the advancement of the local economy.

With the launch of the new BEE Codes in May 2015, government has made a strong statement about its commitment to growing and developing entrepreneurs and small business.  WECBOF wishes to align itself with the requirements of these codes to ensure that it can advise its members adequately as to how these codes have to be implemented and monitored in the working environment.

Join us on this new and exciting journey; together we can achieve so much more…


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Hope – the one word which summed up the feeling in the hearts of millions of disadvantaged people of South Africa on 27 April 1994.

The results of our country’s first democratic election sowed the seed for great expectations, but would legislative changes be enough to bear fruit for all in the longer term?  It became apparent that Black business leaders needed to play a more meaningful role in addressing the imbalances of the past by consolidating their efforts to nurture and develop economic growth.

It very quickly became clear that there were great imbalances in South Africa’s economy.  It was out of this imbalance and wealth disparities that WECBOF was founded. Questions were raised around the relevance of the organisation, given that there was already a number of Chambers of Commerce and formalised,successfully operating businesses, in the marketplace.

However, WECBOF fulfilled business requirements such as access to finance, training, and opportunities, which became its unique selling propositions at the time.

WECBOF was formed in January 1995 by local businesspeople, academics, and other prominent members of the local business community. Its formation was the result of months of planning and discussion around how previously disadvantaged small-and medium-enterprises could be meaningfully integrated into the economic landscape of the Western Cape Province, and operate as successful and sustainable enterprises.

WECBOF’s mission was established with its primary objective being to effectively contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of the province.