Western Cape Business Opportunities Forum


Government Funding

National Empowerment Funding (NEF)


  • Funding advice
  • Business Planning
  • General Assistance

Website: www.nefcorp.co.za

Small Enteprise Finance Agency (SEFA)


  • SEFA Direct Lending Products – loans provided directly to small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as co-operatives operating in all sectors of the economy.
  • SEFA Wholesale Lending Products – providing facilities to intermediaries, joint venture partnerships and other collaborative relationships

Website: www.sefa.org.za

Industrial Development Corporation  (IDC)


  • Providing finance for industrial projects
  •   Promoting partnerships between and across industries within South Africa as well as across its borders.

Website: www.idc.co.za

Department of Trade and Industry


  • Support Programme
  • Funding

Website: www.dit.gov.za

National Youth Development Agency(NYDA)


  • The NYDA plays a lead role in ensuring government and private sector and civil society make youth development a priority by identifying and implementing solutions to address youth development challenges.

Website: www.nyda.gov.za