Western Cape Business Opportunities Forum

SMME Development

 Business Partners    


  • Business counseling is a proven practice, worldwide, whereby business problems are diagnosed, expertise shared, solutions sought and guidance given.
  • Consultants and Mentors provide on-going counseling and support, based on experience, knowledge, skills and wisdom.

Website: www.businesspartners.co.za



  • Strategic consulting services, access to mentors and personalised business support. Access to news, views, tips, tools & information.
  • Business skills training, including leadership development.

Website: www.fetola.co.za

The Western Cape Funding Fair  


  • the Western Cape Funding Fair is to support and promote entrepreneurship and SME business in order to start and sustain business projects which create and retain jobs for the economic development of the Western Cape .

Website: www.westerncapefundingfair.co.za

University of Western Cape  


  • The Entrepreneurship Development Unit builds the capacity of existing enterprises to take advantages of business opportunities.
  • Enables students and business owners to manage enterprises more effectively and efficiently by providing training and counselling support/ consulting services.
  • Works in partnership with government and non-government organisations that are strategically placed to promote economic growth and enterprise development, particularly in the Western Cape.

Website: www.uwc.ac.za