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The Western Cape Business Opportunities Forum (WECBOF) is widely recognised and respected as a powerful voice for business in the Western Cape; we are a provincial service organisation with our focus and attention firmly on the national and international business pulse.  We provide a platform for business to establish and maintain contact with fellow entrepreneurs; to have access to opportunities, information, and training; and to have representation on a number of relevant forums of government and other associations focussed on growing and enhancing the commercial sector, with a specific focus on SMMEs. 

WECBOF has access to channels for information on how to grow and develop our members’ businesses, and is an enabler for our members to access new business opportunities.  We keep abreast of business, economic, and other relevant trends and forecasts for the benefit of our members, and we ensure that we are represented on the boards of relevant associations and affiliations in order to ensure that our members are well represented, and that opportunities are filtered to us for their benefit.

WECBOF therefore plays a critical role in the advancement of business in the Western Cape.

In order to serve our members optimally, we have re-focussed our strategic goals and objectives to be more relevant, more informed, and more inclusive.  Now more than ever, we are ready to serve you, our members.

At WECBOF we are particularly passionate about assisting with growing and developing businesses in the SMME sector; this sector is the backbone of any economy; it contributes to the country’s national product by either manufacturing goods of value, or through the provision of services to both consumers and/or other enterprises.  Importantly, SMMEs have the potential to create employment and upgrade human capital over time.

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You may contact us or download our digital membership application form. Members gain exclusive access to the latest training programmes, business information, and WECBOF news and events. Contact us today to sign up!

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